High Plains Vineyards

The High Plains is home to over 4000 acres of wine grape vineyards in commercial production and produces more than half of the state’s wine grapes every year. More acreage is planted yearly and with it, more High Plains wine grapes will be used to make your favorite Texas White or Red wine. Visit the links below and find out “Where Great Wine Is Born.”

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A _________________________________________________________________

Amanecer Vineyard —  Steve and Cindy Newsom
Hockley County (Sundown) — 20 Producing Acres


B _________________________________________________________________

Babbitt Family Vineyard — Cliff & Diane Babbitt
Lubbock County (Idalou) — 10 Acres (6 producing)
Muscat Canelli, Gewurztraminer, Ruby Cabernet and Malbec


3 Bar H Vineyard — Jim and James Huffman
Bailey County (Muleshoe)


Bayer Family Vineyards  — Alan Bayer
Terry County (Brownfield)  —  8 Producing Acres


Bell Brothers Vineyards  — Freddy Bell
Hale County (Halfway)


Bingham Family Vineyard  —  Cliff and Betty Bingham
Terry County (Meadow) — 170 Producing Acres


Bolen Vineyards  — Rowdy and Tameisha Bolen
Hockley County (Smyer)  —  4 Producing Acres


Buena Suerte Vineyards  — Bill Day
Terry County (Brownfield) —  50 Producing Acres


C _________________________________________________________________

Canada Vineyards — Brenda Canada
Yoakum County (Plains) — 8 Producing Acres


Caprock Winery Vineyard — Chace Hill (Manager)
Lubbock County (Lubbock) — 2 Acres


Castano Prado — Tere Caswell and Tom and Linda Hesse
Terry County (Brownfield) — 8 Producing Acres


Cerro Santo Vineyard — Jim and Barbara Irwin and Garrett Irwin
Lubbock County (Estacado) — 17 Acres (14 Producing)
Cabernet Sauvignon, Primitivo, Merlot, Shiraz, Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc.


Colvin Vineyard — Jeff and Susan Colvin (Owners) – Chace Hill (Manager)
Lubbock County (Lubbock) — 4 Acres
Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc


Coyote Lake Vineyard — Allen and Becky Hoksbergen
Bailey County (Muleshoe)


D _________________________________________________________________

Diamante Doble Vineyards — Jeter, Gay Lynn, Becky, April and Colby Wimeth
Terry County (Tokio) —  90 Producing Acres – 11 varieties 6 red, 5 white


F _________________________________________________________________

Farmhouse Vineyards — Nicholas & Katy Jane Seaton and Anthony & Traci Furgeson
Terry County (Meadow) —  42 Producing Acres


J _________________________________________________________________

JoBreguen Vineyards — David and Karla Dill
Terry County (Brownfield)


K _________________________________________________________________

Krickhill Vineyard — Don, Rene & Chace Hill
Hockley County (Levelland) —  40 Producing Acres


L _________________________________________________________________

La Pradera Vineyard — Michael and Barbara Paddack (Owners) – Andy Timmons(Manager)
Terry County (Brownfield) — 9 Producing Acres


Lepard Vineyards  — Russell & Sharon Lepard
Terry County (Brownfield)


Linker Vineyards  — Bruce and Greg Linker (Owners) – Chace Hill (Manager)
Hockley County (Levelland) —  10 Producing Acres
5 acres Tempranillo, 2.5 acres Mourvedre,  2.5 acres Sangiovese


Lonestar Vineyard  — Chris and Ainslee Love
Lamb County (Littlefield) —  10 Producing Acres


Lost Draw Vineyard  — Andy Timmons
Terry County (Brownfield) —  45 Producing Acres


M _________________________________________________________________

Martin’s Vineyards —  Andy and Anndel Martin
Hockley County (Smyer) — 26 Producing Acres — First Vines Planted in 1975


Maye-Berry Vineyards — Anthony & Belinda Maye, Curtis Berry
Hockley County (Smyer) —  2 Producing Acres


Messina Hof Vineyard  — Paul Bonariggo
Hale County (Halfway) —  50 Producing Acres


N _________________________________________________________________

Newsom Vineyards — Neal and Janice Newsom, Nolan Newsom
Yoakum County (Plains)  —  115 Producing Acres


O _________________________________________________________________

Oswald Family Vineyard — John and Dina-Marie Oswald
Terry County (Brownfield) —  22 Producing Acres (32 planted acres)
Montepulciano, Aglianico, Roussanne, Petit Verdot, Moscato Giallo


R _________________________________________________________________

ReaGae Vineyards — Mark and Robyn Shofner
Dawson County (Lamesa) — 26 Producing Acres


Reddy Vineyards — Vijay Reddy
Terry County (Brownfield) —  200 Producing Acres
27 Varieties


T _________________________________________________________________

Twin T Vineyard — Dusty Timmons
Terry County (Brownfield) —  10 Producing Acres


Thomas Vineyard  — Doug Thomas
Hockley County (Smyer) —  6.5 Producing Acres


U _________________________________________________________________

Uva Morado Vineyards — Joe Riddle
Hockley County (Smyer) —  5 Producing Acres


W _________________________________________________________________

Williams Ranch Vineyards — Shawn & Kirk Williams
Yoakum County (Plains) — 6 Producing Acres


Wischkaemper Vineyards — Philip Wischkaemper
Hockley County (Smyer) — 1 Producing Acres


Y _________________________________________________________________

Young Vineyard — Larry Young
Terry County (Brownfield) — 30 Producing Acres


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